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JacoBeachAfter returning to the marina you will be able to complete your day at the resort or nearby Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. The evening temperatures are perfect for being outdoors at local restaurants and night clubs. There are a few places around that will cook up your catch. So whether you’re into dancing and parties, or just want to relax in a hammock with a tropical drink, Jaco Beach has it!

The Perfect Company Getaway

Costa Rica is a beautiful area that many people associate with vacations. For many, it is an exotic, couples only kind of vacation spot, but there are so many things you can do in Costa Rica that it appeals to a much broader range of people. One of the biggest reasons people visit, beyond the romance, is fishing. For that reason, many companies have decided that it is the perfect company getaway.

Why Costa Rica?

Sport FishingThis area is home to many different types of fish and there are opportunities for corporate fishing events. It is a place that has recently been visited by companies both large and small. It allows employees and CEOs to come together on mutual ground for a little bit of friendly competition. Companies that are visiting the area at the same time, may also get to know others within their industry, even though they work in separate areas of the world. For instance, a company that handles AC repair Naples FL. may meet someone who works in California. As they fish or take part in one of the other activities that are available in Costa Rica, they may share business advice with one another since they are not competing for the same clients. This may get the creativity flowing and both companies will gain from sharing their stories with one another.

Manuel Antonio

Explore All the Fun

The fact that Costa Rica is a favorite fishing spot for many, does not mean that fishing is ideal for everyone. If your company would prefer to see other parts of the area, you can stay in a Vanilla or Jungle lodge in the Manuel Antonio National Park. This gives you the chance to see nearly 200 species of birds while you are enjoying getting to know those you work closest with. You may also visit San Jose where there are museums to visit, volcanoes to see, rainforests to explore, and surfing to bring out the adventurer in everyone. Some people also enjoy going water rafting as part of their company’s adventure. It is ideal as an incentive trip as well and you can usually book enough rafts for everyone to venture out together.

Building a Better Company

A company that plays together, gets stronger together and stays together. They become more successful because everyone who works there is happy to be there. By planning trips to exotic areas with your team, you are giving people a reason to love working for your company. You are showing them that you are a company worth working hard for. When you take your employees and team members out of the office and away from the daily tasks, everyone becomes more comfortable with each other. There are no “ladders” for people who are higher up in the company if you are all fishing for the same type of fish or when someone falls off the river raft. It creates equality within the company where friendships can form. This builds respect among all team players and it will follow you back to your company’s headquarters, even if you have a large enough company to be spread out over the entire world. Why not look ahead and see if Costa Rica can help you have the perfect company getaway?

Bathroom Luxuries In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful place to be. When people hear of it, they think of romantic getaways and fishing trips. It is an area that is exotic and mostly untouched. The beaches are pristine and there is a variety of fish available in the area, waiting on a skilled fisherman to come and catch them. The only real downside to it is the same as what makes people want to go. It is a developing country that does not have the luxuries that many people expect when coming in from the western world.

The Missing Luxuries

One of the most magical parts of Costa Rica is the wildness of the area. Homes and lodges are often cabin in the wood style homes or bungalows. A beach cabin will be open to the ocean breeze rather than have air conditioners. Many are single room homes that are ideal for a fisherman who will spend most of their days out on the water or down at the beach. The one thing that most visitors may not consider is the lack of facilities. A lot of Costa Rica does not have actual bathroom facilities. They may have an outhouse, but in many areas, even this is a luxury. This can be a deal breaker for some people. You do not have to be one of them.

How to Handle the Unknown

Before you take off on a dream vacation or fishing trip in Costa Rica, you should really consider planning ahead. Even if you choose to stay at a lodge, this does not mean you will have everything you are used to. Take along your favorite fishing gear and all the clothing that you will need during your time there, but you should also go one step further. You can do this by packing soaps that do not require you to rinse after using them, dry shampoo products, plenty of bug spray, and other things may be on your list of things to take. Many people also recommend that you take along a portable toilet for camping. It could be the key to making your dream trip a little dreamier.

Leaving Civilization Behind

Everyone should have the opportunity to explore an unknown area and leave civilization behind. It is guaranteed to add more to your fishing and camping trip if you take a chance once in a while. However, most people do not feel that it is a wise decision to leave certain parts of it behind. Most women do not want to squat in the woods to answer nature’s call and even men can occasionally have to answer it with their pants down. A portable toilet can go with you wherever you go and you can make use of the throne without ever having to squat. You can then take it out on a rented boat or put it in a tent for a little bit of privacy. What more could you hope for beyond catching the largest fish you have ever had the chance to catch while enjoying the clear blue water and creating memories?

Our Onboard Electronics

People come to us when they want to have a good time. They want to relax and hang out with friends. They want to venture out onto the open water and reel in the biggest fish that they can possibly catch. If they cannot catch the biggest, they at least want to catch a lot of them. It is our job to make it happen and we have reliable tools to help us create an experience that people will not soon forget. We wouldn’t be able to do as much as we do for our clients if we didn’t have our onboard electronics.

Why People Hire Our Charter Fishing Boats

saltwatergamePeople come to see us for many reasons. Some of our clients are new to the area and do not know where to find the fish, others love fishing and do not have a boat, and many others want a more successful fishing trip than they can find on their own. Our job is to make it happen, regardless of what they want out of a fishing trip. It is our job to know where to find the fish on any given day. It is up to us to show them that we know what they want to catch and how to catch it. It takes a lot more effort than people realize and we wouldn’t be able to do it without equipment.

Our Onboard Electronics

We cheat a little when it comes to fishing. We have an onboard GPS system that is highly accurate. This enables us to visit the same fishing holes that we always use. They are the ones that have proven successful time and time again. We also use fish finders to ensure that when we stop the boat, the fish are there. We feel that the people on our charter would be disappointed if we put them on a spot that failed to have fish. In the rare chance that the fish aren’t biting, we like to have the ability to prove that the fish are there, whether they are taking the bait or not. We also have radios and other devices that can help us stay current on weather situations so that we do not get caught in the middle of a summer storm.sonar

When a person is onboard our boats, they are very impressed by the technology that we have available. It gives them a sense of security and hopefulness that they will reel in the fish that they have been hoping to find. Many of them enjoy watching the fish finder to see what is under the boat. They talk nonstop about the graphics that they see on it and how it is cool that they can see the depth of the water, the variation in the ground, etc.

What It Takes to Give Clients What They Want

fishonSome people feel that we must know all that there is to know about the water and the fish. The truth is, we wouldn’t be able to do anything without our equipment. The electronics we have are the key to our success. Therefore, we put a lot of faith into a reliable battery. We searched high and low to find the best marine battery we could find so that when we venture out onto the open water, we don’t have to worry that our electronics will go down. The simple truth is, if we didn’t have a dependable battery, we wouldn’t be able to give people the fishing trip of their dreams. So for us, it is totally worth it to have only the best of all things.


Our Boat El Gallo Equipment

If you have never experienced what it is like to fish in Central America, you have no idea what you are missing out on. It is an area that does not suffer from the same overfishing that other parts of the world do. That is why you are able to go deep sea fishing and fly fishing within the same area and still come up with an amazing catch to brag about when you get back home. It is also one of the few places where you can find out how truly great a fisherman you are, especially when you hit one of the many Bonefish areas. This is also why our boat equipment is the best that you can ever hope for. We want you to enjoy a day out on the water, catching the fish that you visited Central America to find.

The Fish You Will Find

marlinAt any given time, the people who climb on board with us are likely to catch Marlin, sailfish, roosterfish, barracuda, manta rays, and jacks. There are grouper and mackerel, snappers and more. If you can think of a fish that you want to catch on the end of your line, there is a good chance that we can help you find it. The type of equipment you need to bring along is negotiable. We will provide most of what you need, whether you are hoping to venture out into water that is deep enough for whales to move freely or you want to stay a little closer to the shore.

What We Provide

We give you the fishing rods. We have the plugs and trolling gear that is required for Rooster Fishing, and we can teach you about kite surfing gear that you will need if you hope to catch a marlin. For marlin, we can also teach you how to use it and provide you with the things that you need. Regardless of what you need, we have it covered, all the way down to our custom coolers and the custom fishing electronics that enable us to put you on the fish. This includes the depth finders and fish finders that we use. Without them, we would not be as successful as we are when it comes to ensuring our clients catch the fish that they want the most.kitefishing

Why Do We Provide So Much?

Many of our clients ask us on their first trip out, why we provide all that we do. They are impressed by the fact that we put enough effort into our fishing expeditions to have Yeti coolers on board. We tell them only that we found the Yeti coolers on sale. When they return to us, as most clients do after a successful voyage, they say that they return because of all that we provide for them. They say our coolers truly work to keep things fresh and that they know when they visit Central America for fishing and fun, we are the best at providing it.

Spearfishing in Costa Rica

Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica? Do you want to enjoy the sand and beautiful beaches in a new and exciting way? If so, perhaps it is time for you to venture out into the water and get more than your feet wet. To enjoy this new adventure, you should be a great swimmer and have basic knowledge of scuba diving and snorkeling, but once you start, you will never want to sit in a boat with a rod and reel anymore. This new experience is called spearfishing and it is an old concept that is gaining rapid popularity among many of the locals and the tourists. Will you also enjoy spearfishing in Costa Rica?

Spearfishing Gains Popularity

spearfishingWhen in Costa Rica you can enjoy all types of activities. Some of the most popular and well known activities include inshore fishing and offshore fishing trips. However, spearfishing is rapidly gaining massive popularity. The thing about spear fishing is that it adds more excitement to the game of fishing. In order to take part in it, you have to dive in and swim deep to catch your fish using a bow, tarpon, or other device that will pierce the fish. None of the most common fishing devices such as hooks or fishing tackle can be used. This means you can forget about looking at rifle scope reviews and spend a little more time learning about the best fishing spears.

What Kind of Fish Will You Target?

Costa Rica is a place that has many different types of fish and some of them are very large. That is why so many people are taking up the sport of spearfishing in the waters of Costa Rica. As proof, there are many people who offer spear fishing trips on their tours. They catch fish such as the Broomtail Grouper, the Roosterfish, Wahoo, Monster Dorado, Sierra Mackerel, Marlins, Tuna, Sailfish, and more.

If you want to practice up before tackling the big fish, you can do it in virtually any coastal area. However, you do need to look at specific rules for that area before you venture into the water with your spear. For instance, in most areas you have to be a certain distance from the shore where people may be swimming and you cannot spearfish in freshwater areas.OrangeBuoy

Why Spearfishing Rocks

Most people do not realize that spear fishing is a unique combination of hunting and fishing. By venturing into the waters of Costa Rica you are hunting very large game that are in the form of fish. This means that you will want to brush up on your long range shooting tips before you go, because after you enter into the water, the chase will be on. You will be searching for the biggest fish you can find. With a little patience and a lot of hunting around, you will take aim and capture that massive Sierra Mackerel with your spear.

Will you become a great spear-fisherman? Are you able to bring home the big one? You will never know until you venture out into the world and go spearfishing in Costa Rica.


The Types of Fish Most Caught in Costa Rica

FishPoster-200x300Being a coastal area that has the Caribbean on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other, Costa Rica offers prime fishing opportunities, both inshore and off. There are also several lakes for you to fish in, both big and small, as well as rivers that provide ample fishing opportunities. However, one of the main reasons that people love Costa Rica for the fish is the sheer volume and the amount of fish that you have the opportunity to catch. Here is a list of some of the most common types of fish most caught in Costa Rica. It will prove that perhaps it is time for you to plan your next big fishing expedition. read more

Which Lures Work Best in Costa Rica?

FishingLures-300x295In most cases, when fishing inland around Costa Rica and the rivers and lakes you find there, you will not need any special gear or lures. However, there are exceptions to every rule and if you are typically going to catch small fish, you may want to upgrade your gear a bit. In an effort to save money, you may also want to ensure that you have the fishing lures that you want before you ever leave home. This is because Costa Rica is a tourist area, loved for its fishing, and everything must be imported. Therefore, prices do typically increase. Either way you choose to go, here is the big answer to which lures work best in Costa Rica. read more

Fishing Tips for New Fishermen in Costa Rica

SaltwaterGuide-188x300New fishermen in the Costa Rica area most likely will have a lot of questions about the fishing there. Do you know how to catch a big one, where should you travel if you want to have the most luck catching it, and other questions, may have you searching the internet for clues. You need not look any further. Here is everything you need to know before heading off to Costa Rica on your first fishing trip. read more

When Is Ideal Fishing Season in Costa Rica?

Pressure-300x294Costa Rica is a great place to go if you love to fish. However, there are certain fish available in certain areas, during certain times of the year. So when should you plan your next big fishing trip so that you can catch the fish you want? It depends on several factors, but it is not hard to figure out when the ideal fishing season in Costa Rica could be for you.

Seasons Rule

The seasons control when you are more likely to catch certain fish over others, regardless of where you are going to fish, with few exceptions. Rainbow bass can be caught in all lakes and rivers pretty much year round, but the Wahoo can only be caught in certain areas, during certain months of the year. It is important that you keep this in mind and check the fishing charts to see when the type of fish that you want is available. There are also times when it is best to catch them up north or down south. Here is a breakdown of when you can catch what type of fish. read more

Best Fishing Areas in Costa Rica

CostaRicaMapAny area that has two different coastal areas is popular among those who love to fish. Therefore, Costa Rica is also considered a prime place to go if you want to catch the big ones. The trick is to know where you want to go along the Costa Rican shores to find the type of fish that you want, without going out into deeper waters. Here are a few of the best fishing areas in Costa Rica and what you may catch while there.  read more