Bathroom Luxuries In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful place to be. When people hear of it, they think of romantic getaways and fishing trips. It is an area that is exotic and mostly untouched. The beaches are pristine and there is a variety of fish available in the area, waiting on a skilled fisherman to come and catch them. The only real downside to it is the same as what makes people want to go. It is a developing country that does not have the luxuries that many people expect when coming in from the western world.

The Missing Luxuries

One of the most magical parts of Costa Rica is the wildness of the area. Homes and lodges are often cabin in the wood style homes or bungalows. A beach cabin will be open to the ocean breeze rather than have air conditioners. Many are single room homes that are ideal for a fisherman who will spend most of their days out on the water or down at the beach. The one thing that most visitors may not consider is the lack of facilities. A lot of Costa Rica does not have actual bathroom facilities. They may have an outhouse, but in many areas, even this is a luxury. This can be a deal breaker for some people. You do not have to be one of them.

How to Handle the Unknown

Before you take off on a dream vacation or fishing trip in Costa Rica, you should really consider planning ahead. Even if you choose to stay at a lodge, this does not mean you will have everything you are used to. Take along your favorite fishing gear and all the clothing that you will need during your time there, but you should also go one step further. You can do this by packing soaps that do not require you to rinse after using them, dry shampoo products, plenty of bug spray, and other things may be on your list of things to take. Many people also recommend that you take along a portable toilet for camping. It could be the key to making your dream trip a little dreamier.

Leaving Civilization Behind

Everyone should have the opportunity to explore an unknown area and leave civilization behind. It is guaranteed to add more to your fishing and camping trip if you take a chance once in a while. However, most people do not feel that it is a wise decision to leave certain parts of it behind. Most women do not want to squat in the woods to answer nature’s call and even men can occasionally have to answer it with their pants down. A portable toilet can go with you wherever you go and you can make use of the throne without ever having to squat. You can then take it out on a rented boat or put it in a tent for a little bit of privacy. What more could you hope for beyond catching the largest fish you have ever had the chance to catch while enjoying the clear blue water and creating memories?