The Perfect Company Getaway

Costa Rica is a beautiful area that many people associate with vacations. For many, it is an exotic, couples only kind of vacation spot, but there are so many things you can do in Costa Rica that it appeals to a much broader range of people. One of the biggest reasons people visit, beyond the romance, is fishing. For that reason, many companies have decided that it is the perfect company getaway.

Why Costa Rica?

Sport FishingThis area is home to many different types of fish and there are opportunities for corporate fishing events. It is a place that has recently been visited by companies both large and small. It allows employees and CEOs to come together on mutual ground for a little bit of friendly competition. Companies that are visiting the area at the same time, may also get to know others within their industry, even though they work in separate areas of the world. For instance, a company that handles AC repair Naples FL. may meet someone who works in California. As they fish or take part in one of the other activities that are available in Costa Rica, they may share business advice with one another since they are not competing for the same clients. This may get the creativity flowing and both companies will gain from sharing their stories with one another.

Manuel Antonio

Explore All the Fun

The fact that Costa Rica is a favorite fishing spot for many, does not mean that fishing is ideal for everyone. If your company would prefer to see other parts of the area, you can stay in a Vanilla or Jungle lodge in the Manuel Antonio National Park. This gives you the chance to see nearly 200 species of birds while you are enjoying getting to know those you work closest with. You may also visit San Jose where there are museums to visit, volcanoes to see, rainforests to explore, and surfing to bring out the adventurer in everyone. Some people also enjoy going water rafting as part of their company’s adventure. It is ideal as an incentive trip as well and you can usually book enough rafts for everyone to venture out together.

Building a Better Company

A company that plays together, gets stronger together and stays together. They become more successful because everyone who works there is happy to be there. By planning trips to exotic areas with your team, you are giving people a reason to love working for your company. You are showing them that you are a company worth working hard for. When you take your employees and team members out of the office and away from the daily tasks, everyone becomes more comfortable with each other. There are no “ladders” for people who are higher up in the company if you are all fishing for the same type of fish or when someone falls off the river raft. It creates equality within the company where friendships can form. This builds respect among all team players and it will follow you back to your company’s headquarters, even if you have a large enough company to be spread out over the entire world. Why not look ahead and see if Costa Rica can help you have the perfect company getaway?