Which Lures Work Best in Costa Rica?

FishingLures-300x295In most cases, when fishing inland around Costa Rica and the rivers and lakes you find there, you will not need any special gear or lures. However, there are exceptions to every rule and if you are typically going to catch small fish, you may want to upgrade your gear a bit. In an effort to save money, you may also want to ensure that you have the fishing lures that you want before you ever leave home. This is because Costa Rica is a tourist area, loved for its fishing, and everything must be imported. Therefore, prices do typically increase. Either way you choose to go, here is the big answer to which lures work best in Costa Rica.

Spinning Tackle

If you are hoping to catch Bobo, or mullet, you may want to consider using a larger spinning tackle that will run just beneath the water’s surface. These fish are easy to catch, and some have been caught by someone simply putting a banana on the end of their line. They also enjoy poppers and worms.MulletLure-300x117

Some people do say that you should weight the spinners so that you can throw it out further into the water away from you. Some people also prefer Krocodiles over other types of spoon lures.

Local fishermen and seasoned veterans to fishing in Costa Rica prefer crystal minnows, bronze spinners, and buzz bombs. However, it does greatly depend on what you are fishing for as to what will be best.

Light Bait Casting

Most fish types around Costa Rica are able to be caught on any type of bait that will stay near the surface of the water. That is why fly fishing is such a popular sport here as well. Therefore, you will want to stick with lightweight items on your line, something that will not take you down too deep. The exception would be anytime that you plan to go further offshore to where water depths may be 30-50 feet deep.

What the Fish Need

GoldSpoon-300x88If you are fishing for Snook in an area that is bronze in color and or kind of brackish, you will want to choose gold colored lures. They may also be orange or gold.

Roosterfish, needlefish and others prefer not so much a specific color, but they do enjoy some of the higher speed surface lures that you can find. They are also going to be more likely to bite on Storms and some color specific lures like the Surface Tension that is Pearl with a red stripe.

In short, if you are going to Costa Rica for some serious fishing, you should be able to get by and have a successful trip regardless of which lures work best in Costa Rica. The reason being, all of the different types of fish that you will find there, all bite on things that you most likely already use. This makes it very nice when you are going to travel so far to have a fishing trip that is memorable and enjoyable.