Spearfishing in Costa Rica

Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica? Do you want to enjoy the sand and beautiful beaches in a new and exciting way? If so, perhaps it is time for you to venture out into the water and get more than your feet wet. To enjoy this new adventure, you should be a great swimmer and have basic knowledge of scuba diving and snorkeling, but once you start, you will never want to sit in a boat with a rod and reel anymore. This new experience is called spearfishing and it is an old concept that is gaining rapid popularity among many of the locals and the tourists. Will you also enjoy spearfishing in Costa Rica?

Spearfishing Gains Popularity

spearfishingWhen in Costa Rica you can enjoy all types of activities. Some of the most popular and well known activities include inshore fishing and offshore fishing trips. However, spearfishing is rapidly gaining massive popularity. The thing about spear fishing is that it adds more excitement to the game of fishing. In order to take part in it, you have to dive in and swim deep to catch your fish using a bow, tarpon, or other device that will pierce the fish. None of the most common fishing devices such as hooks or fishing tackle can be used. This means you can forget about looking at rifle scope reviews and spend a little more time learning about the best fishing spears.

What Kind of Fish Will You Target?

Costa Rica is a place that has many different types of fish and some of them are very large. That is why so many people are taking up the sport of spearfishing in the waters of Costa Rica. As proof, there are many people who offer spear fishing trips on their tours. They catch fish such as the Broomtail Grouper, the Roosterfish, Wahoo, Monster Dorado, Sierra Mackerel, Marlins, Tuna, Sailfish, and more.

If you want to practice up before tackling the big fish, you can do it in virtually any coastal area. However, you do need to look at specific rules for that area before you venture into the water with your spear. For instance, in most areas you have to be a certain distance from the shore where people may be swimming and you cannot spearfish in freshwater areas.OrangeBuoy

Why Spearfishing Rocks

Most people do not realize that spear fishing is a unique combination of hunting and fishing. By venturing into the waters of Costa Rica you are hunting very large game that are in the form of fish. This means that you will want to brush up on your long range shooting tips before you go, because after you enter into the water, the chase will be on. You will be searching for the biggest fish you can find. With a little patience and a lot of hunting around, you will take aim and capture that massive Sierra Mackerel with your spear.

Will you become a great spear-fisherman? Are you able to bring home the big one? You will never know until you venture out into the world and go spearfishing in Costa Rica.